Real Savings

Over the lifetime of our program, CRP has saved our members more than $100,000.

Blank DVDs Item #597196 original price $44.49;
CRP Price $16.50 (59% off)

Post Its 12 Pack Item #172460 original price $8.99;
CRP Price $4.85 (43% off)

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Business Supplies

From the office to the break room to the printer, CRP saves you money on necessities every step of the way.

Manilla Folders 100 ct Item #810838 original price $7.99;
CRP price 4.89 (39% off)

Binder Clips Item #963439 original price $5.49;
CRP price $2.64 (52% off)

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Huge Savings on Printing

Printing is a big part of small business life; CRP offers 40% off your black and white printing costs and 25% off color copies to make this part of business more affordable.

Black Toner Cartridge Item #784563
original price $332.99;
CRP price $104.99 (68% off)

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Our Partnership Promise


 Community Retail Partnership and Office Depot Business Solutions have teamed up to bring incredible savings to our members! CRP has negotiated discounted prices at Office Depot on behalf of our nation-wide customer base. Purchase a $39 CRP membership today and receive your store purchasing card and exclusive online account at Office Depot’s Business Solutions website, good for discounts on most every item sold by Office Depot.


You can enjoy these benefits in stores and online:

  •  Up to 85% off the retail price on select office supply items*
  • 15% off the paper and ink/toner items
  • 5% off the retail price on nearly everything else Office Depot sells
  • 40% off black/white copies, 25% off full-color copies
  • 40% off finishing services such as binding, folding, stapling and more

Additional benefits of this partnership include:

  • The Top 5 items you order most will be significantly more discounted just for you
  • Customized invoicing account to accommodate all your business rules
  • Custom billing and reporting
  • FREE next-business-day delivery of in-stock items on orders of $50 or more nationwide

Whether you are ordering Break Room supplies, Cleaning products, Coffee and K-Cups, or just Office Supplies, Printer Paper, Ink and Toner; a CRP membership can help cut your equipment and supply cost by more than 30%. A CRP membership is a one-time $39 fee and never expires. There are no upcharges, yearly renewal fees, or administrative costs – only a one-time payment of $39.

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*Pricing is based on current online retail prices and is subject to market fluctuation