Frequently Asked Questions

What is Community Retail Partnership?

CRP is like a “Group Purchasing Program” for Office Depot.  Because of the number of members CRP has, we can broker deals and negotiate better prices on a volume basis for our members.

What do CRP members get from their membership?

CRP members get to take advantage of our Group Purchase Prices through a Discount Card at the brick and mortar store as well as online at Office Depot’s private business site.

How is a CRP membership better than the Office Depot Worklife Rewards Program?

The Office Depot Worklife Rewards Program is a rewards program for retail customers that gives them a percentage back for certain categories of purchases.  The program gives points for purchases and then the customer is mailed a rewards card to use towards future purchases at Office Depot.  Community Retail Partnership provides for an up front discount (no waiting for a card) and is a higher discount than the Worklife Rewards Program.  The 2 programs cannot be used in conjunction with one another. In order to use Worklife Rewards, you have to pay full retail price.  The bottom line is the Community Retail Partnership Program will yield better pricing and is better for you because you don’t have to wait to get the benefit.  Also, the Rewards Program only applies to certain categories of items and the categories change on a weekly basis.

is there a fee to become a CRP member?
The membership fee is used to pay for the manpower of processing the membership and any customer care that is involved.  It is a one-time fee for a lifetime membership.
Is the CRP membership fee monthly, weekly, and/or annual?

The fee is a one-time fee.  You will not be charged again next year, next month, or ever.  You never pay CRP again.

Can members request better prices on the things they buy most?

Yes, we encourage our members to email us to let us know what five (5) items they purchase most, so that we can negotiate a better price than the discount it already has.

Can CRP members be set up as tax-exempt organizations?
Yes, CRP has many tax-exempt members.  All you have to do is email us your tax exemption documentation and we will set you up with account.
CRP memberships just for churches and para-church organizations?
No.  Although Community Retail Partnership began as a vehicle to help churches and other community organizations save money on the items they buy most, CRP invites individuals and corporate entities to participate as well.  The more CRP members there are, the better prices we can get for our members.
How do I sign up?
Click the PayPal button on the top of the webpage and fill out your information.  Please allow two business days for us to process your registration and get you set up in Office Depot’s system.  Also, if you are a tax-exempt organization, please email your documentation to us in order to expedite your registration process.
I've lost my username and/or password for my Office Depot online account. What should I do?
Please email CRP to retrieve this information to you as soon as possible.
Is it possible to connect my credit card to my account?
We can set up your account so that every time you pay with a certain credit card at any Office Depot location, you will automatically receive your CRP membership discounts on the items you purchase without having to use your Discount Purchase card.
Is a CRP membership worth it? Will I really save money?

Absolutely! The cost of a CRP membership is a one-time fee of $39, but if you could get a few dollars or more off of each item you purchase, you will start saving money on the things you already buy virtually right away! Start saving your church or organization, your business, or yourself hundreds to thousands of dollars today!